I had just attended to our last customer at the mobile store. I was supposed to leave work in the next few minutes. I often purposely exceeded my work time so that I could get paid for working over time and also get noticed by my boss, which would get me into his good books… for once!

I left the store and walked to the station. I got a good window seat and settled down to take a nap to make up for the house work that I had to do once I got home.

In the corner of the coach, I saw this girl with hair falling on her eyes. She wasn’t laughing or wailing. Her brow looked clinched as though something very unexpected had just flashed across her, something that had caught her completely off guard and knocked all the words out of her. She tried her best not to look surprised and had a crooked though worried smile.
On her wrist was a beaded band that spelt out ‘SARAH’, so I guessed her name to be Sarah.

My droopy eyes lost its sleep after seeing her; there was something in this beautiful yet confused young lady that shook me!

So many times in life we can be crowded by a sea of people and still feel alone. So many times we want somebody, anybody to sit next to us and lend a listening ear. So many times in life we get so busy in the materialistic things of the world that we tend to forget that the world doesn’t only revolve around us.

My short “draft” cannot be termed as a story as it does not follow the pattern that a story should be written in, but it is the story of life. A story that will come to an end one day, a story that will get buried when our human bodies are laid to rest. But pay heed cause the best stories are written if we consider this life worth living.